Commercial Air Conditioning

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Hawke’s Bay Refrigeration designs and builds HVAC systems to work in your business environment, including roof-top units, heat recovery, VRF systems, VRV systems and a lot more. Whether it’s a new design and build, install or replace, a small shop fit-out or surgery climate control rooms, we can guarantee a professional, prompt and reliable service.

Temperature control at your finger tips. As much as it is important to select the right capacity heat pump to heat and cool the work place, aesthetics are also a consideration for most heat pump purchasers. A unit which is unobtrusive, quiet and even able to complement existing décor are an important factor in deciding which heat pump best suits your needs.imagesMULTI

The ever popular Wall Mounted (High Wall) range boasts an extensive variety of options; from the traditional high wall design to the sharp, modern lines of the Mitsubishi Electric Designer Series for Multi Room systems, available in classic white, glossy black and matt silver.

Floor Mounted heat pumps sit discreetly at floor level – ideal for replacement of older heat sources such as old console units or night store heaters.

Heat pump solutions which are ceiling concealed are also gaining popularity for their unobtrusive design and versatility.

We also specialize Ventilation and Heat Recovery – In area where staff will be working, the space requires access to fresh air.  We can install standard ventilation or invest in a heat recovery system that will reduce your power requirements.

At Hawke’s Bay Refrigeration we understand that every building is different and as such, every building deserves a heat pump solution which enhances, rather than disrupts interior décor. For further information on the different solutions please call us.

Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric’s industry leading City Multi VRF technology is designed for today’s building needs. With emphasis placed on energy efficiency, adaptability, reliability and control, City Multi addresses the most current market issues. Utilizing integrated air conditioning, hot water, ventilation and control solutions. For your larger multi store buildings, a VRF or VRV III system would be the option for you.  These systems are energy efficient and work well in an office environment.