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Take Your Cooling to the Next Level with the Deluxe Series

For these balmy summer days and nights, the Deluxe Series Air Conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable – in the most energy efficient way possible.

Advanced energy-saving features make it the ultimate in energy efficient summer cooling (and year-round comfort – no matter the season!).

1. Feel the Breeze 

Cooling down doesn’t have to be draughty. The Natural Airflow Function in the Deluxe Series recreates a light and gentle breeze in Cooling Mode by automatically modulating fan speed and direction.

 2. Let Your Air-Conditioner do the Hard Work!

Exclusive to the Deluxe Series, the 3D i-See Sensor continuously analyses the temperature profile of the room, providing the perfect amount of cooling based on preference. For the ultimate in customised comfort, the 3D i-See Sensor is able to provide direct or indirect airflow by locating the occupant and in Energy Saving Mode can detect a period of absence; raising the set temperature by 2°C, for even greater energy savings.

3. Swing Into Savings with EconoCool

Want to feel cooler and improve energy efficiency at the same time? The Econo Cool Mode on the Deluxe Series works by utilising swing airflow; making you feel cooler than simply stationary airflow. Set in Cooling Mode, temperature settings can be raised by 2°C without creating any loss in room comfort.

4. Come Home to Cool Comfort

No-one wants to come home to a warm, stuffy house during the summer months. Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control lets you control and monitor you air conditioner from anywhere, with the ability to set temperature limits and turn off a running unit – so you’ll never get surprises on your power bill. With optional Wi-Fi Control, the Deluxe Series ensures you always come home to perfectly cooled comfort.

However you choose to cool down, ensure you keep your costs and energy-usage down too.